Twente Academy of IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship


Dates: 15 August – 26 August 2016

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2016



The University of Twente (UT) welcomes you to its summerschool IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship. It takes place from August 15-26 in Enschede, the Netherlands.
Whether you have technical skills or rather an entrepreneurial interest in IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship, we invite you to join!
Your participation, board & lodging are free!
And to students travelling from abroad we offer max € 100,= travelcost refund.

Social entrepreneurs help to alleviate social pains, create social value, and are often active in environmental and pubic domains. Social entrepreneurs are driven by their social mission to create change. They often use innovation to accomplish their goals. To scale their activities beyond a limited group of people, social entrepreneurs often use IT-driven business models.

IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship helps to make social value creation accessible. There are many apps, websites and services that facilitate users access to the product/service. For example, in Base of the Pyramid (BOP) communities, mobile payments solve a variety of problems such as a lack of banking

The Twente Summer Academy on IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship aims to select 40 high-school, undergraduate and graduate students from all around Europe with an entrepreneurial interest in IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship. The Academy will be held at the University of Twente with emphasis on interaction, team-work, experimentation, engagement, implementation and testing, coaching from experts and entrepreneurs, visits to ‘hot spot’ areas, etc. Students will get access to state of the art facilities and work hands-on with real-life problems. The academy will assist future entrepreneurs to form teams, design prototypes from their ideas, develop innovative business models and prepare pitches.

The academy will be held in English.


You will learn about:

• Social Entrepreneurship fundamentals

• Hot technologies and emerging tools

• Entrepreneurship fundamentals

• Opportunity recognition and evaluation

• Basic Accounting & Finance management principles

• Marketing Fundamentals

• Lean Startup


You will be engaged in sessions:

•Creative thinking

•Idea generation

•Team building

•Lean Business Planning

•The (lean) Business Model Canvas

•Validating your Business Model


•Pitching tactics


You will:

•Become part of a team.

•Form an idea/prototype.

•Compete against the rest of the teams in the Academy.


The best 3 teams, together with the best 3 teams of the other 2016 STARTIFY7 Summer Academies, will participate in a dedicated Boot-Camp in Brussels in October 2016 and pitch in front of Business Angels Investors!

You will need to bring your laptop/smartphone along.


Important dates

  • 15/03/2016: 1st Call for Applications
  • 01/05/2016: Reminder Call for Applications
  • 01/06/2016: Final call for Applications
  • 15/06/2016: Closing of the call for application
  • First week of July  Communication to selected candidates
  • 14/08/2016 (Sun): Arrival in Enschede
  • 15/08/2015: (Mon): Start of the academy
  • 21/08/2016: Sunday
  • 22/08/2015: Final day CuriousU
  • 23/08/2016: Break – Day excursion
  • 25/08/2016 (Thur): Final academy day – Evaluation and selection of the best teams
  • 26/08/2016 (Fri) Check out & departure from Enschede
  • Fall 2016 (3 days) - Boot-camp in Brussels