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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Are you unsure about what academy to paticipate in? Here is some information about the four themes that should help you:

- Digital Transportation applications aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and 'smarter' use of transport networks. Topics, such as P2P car rental, car/ride/bike sharing, smart parking, real-time traffic/fleet management, multi-modal transit public solutions, mobile applications are only a few examples of application areas. Digital Transportation applications often use open-data and gamification mechanics in order to provide the basis for smart, urban and sustainable mobility in a better environment, society and economy. The global market of Digital Transportation has been estimated to about 6.5 trillion EUR by McKinsey, a significantly fragmented market providing the ground for innovative applications to grow and take a share.

- Simulation software is based on the ‘modelization’ of reality, allowing users to analyze the impact of changes in a set of variables on different future scenarios. Software of this kind has been mainly developed for designing industrial solutions and the optimization of industrial processes. Two particular cases of simulation are currently experiencing a huge development: Virtual and Augmented Reality. Both simulate or blend reality with computer based information that can enrich or simulate experience with the environment. And both technologies are receiving massive investments from great companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Sony… to make them available and accessible to the world. Simulations, Virtual and Augmented reality can be applied to multiple fields such as education, marketing, videogames,  tourism, finance, operations and logistics… Can you imagine how they would shape the world in the future.

- Video game industry  (VGI) is the fastest growing industry worldwide. In general, the whole VGI depends on video games released to the market thus developers, and recently independent game developers to the greatest extent, are acknowledged to play the leading role. The success of the game used to depend on both creativity and innovativeness. However, in moderns, innovation-driven economy originality and novelty seems to be not sufficient. People who reached the success in VGI share the common voice indicating that nowadays more strategic, managerial and entrepreneurial approach to video game development is needed.

- Social entrepreneurs help to alleviate social pains, create social value, and are often active in environmental and pubic domains. Social entrepreneurs are driven by their social mission to create change. They often use innovation to accomplish their goals. To scale their activities beyond a limited group of people, social entrepreneurs often use IT-driven business models. IT-driven Social Entrepreneurship helps to make social value creation accessible. There are many apps, websites and services that facilitate users access to the product/service. For example, in Base of the Pyramid (BOP) communities, mobile payments solve a variety of problems such as a lack of banking.

All you need now is to find a good idea and apply to one of the academies!

Free accommodation, free catering and travel expenses reimbursed.