Academy in Security & Privacy by design - About the topic


Dates: 27 July – 7 August 2015

Why Cyber Security and Privacy are so important?

Since the beginning of the internet era, cyber attacks threaten us exposing critical information that can hazard our personal life, our economy and entire world safety. We unconsciously trust in the networks that we use in our home, work and when we travel. We rely on the fact that our bank account information, our medical records and our phone agenda are safe. Our daily life, the worldwide economy, and even a country national security depend on a reliable, secure, and resilient cyber environment.


What security by design means?

To architect, design, and implement a product or service to protect itself and the information it processes, and to resist attacks

We need safer and more reliable software solutions, and in order to built it, security and privacy elements must be considered from the beggining of the development process. 



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