Webinars 2017 with iLINC

STARTIFY7 is excited to announce a series of live webinars with iLINC, specialists in legal advice for start-ups.

STARTIFY7 and the expert team iLINC, an organisation specialising in legal advice for start-ups, are teaming up to deliver a series of free webinars on legal advice for start-ups.

The webinars will provide useful follow on support for all STARTIFY7 attendees and digital start-ups in the early stages of their business development.

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Webinar One

15 November 2016

11:00-12:00 UTC

Non-disclosure and importance of confidentiality

This webinar will cover:

Why is confidentiality important for start-ups

The law and confidentiality

Key clauses within a confidentiality agreement

Balancing commercial interests and confidentiality

Practical examples of using a confidentiality agreement


Webinar Two

25th January


12:00-13:00 UTC

Legal business structure: Steps in setting up a limited company

This webinar will cover:

Considerations in creating a legal structure for a business

What are the different options for business structure in the UK?

Sole trader, limited company, partnership

 What are some advantages and disadvantages of each structure?

Practical and commercial considerations in setting up a limited company in the UK


Webinar Three

1 February 2017

15:00-16:00 UTC

Legal: Working with others in your start-up

What is employment law?

Key considerations in employing others

Types of employment contracts and consultancy agreements

IP considerations and employees

Practical steps businesses should take in employing others


Webinar Four

14 February 2017

11:00-12:00 UTC

Data Protection for your start-ups

This webinar will cover:

What is the current data protection regime in the UK?

What are the main actions businesses be taking in order to comply?

What are the new EU data protection laws (GDPR)?

What can businesses do to prepare for the changes?



Understand the impact of data protection and online privacy regulations on your business.

Learn best practices for protecting customer data.

Find out how to comply with storing and transferring data.

Recognise the do’s and don’ts of data collection and exposure.

Learn the roles and responsibilities of the data protection officer.

Learn about the obligations of third parties towards you.

Webinar Five

7 March 2017

12:00-13:00 UTC

Intellectual property legal health check

This webinar will cover:

What is IP?

What are IP rights?

 How do IP rights differ (trademark, copyright, patent etc.)

Illustrate examples of the different types of IP

IP as a business asset and its importance


Webinar Six

21 March 2017

15:00-16:00 UTC

Social media and the law

This webinar will cover:

Opportunities through use of social media

Social media, as opposed to the early 'read only' internet, provides the ability to start a conversation with other

Marketing and opportunity for research into popular trends

Debate potential pitfalls through use of social media

Employees and companies- consistent voice

Responsibility for content if you own website

Ownership of content if you are a user


Criminal activity and use of  social media

Abuse – anonymous, quick and easy, access to wide variety of opinions worldwide, difficult to trace and prosecute

Trolling/cyber bullying/freedom of speech – where is the line?

Recent prosecutions for Tweets?

Adequacy of existing legislation?