Applications reviewed by professionals

In the age of increasing penetration of mobile devices their security becomes more and more important issue. Mobile applications usually require more accesses than it is necessary for them to be functional. Corrupted applications are most accessible point of failure in protecting everyone's private data. This is where our solution comes in handy. We offer a platform which provides professional reviews of applications with regards to their security and privacy, through an online database. For the concerned mobile users, we offer a lightweight mobile privacy adviser, in order to inform for breaches and changes, and of course for applications that require inappropriate permissions. Finally, with a team of experts in the Cyber Security field, we can help developers build trust with their customers and small/medium businesses to feel safe when they are using a service.

Academy: Security & Privacy by design (Trento, Italy)


- Georgios  Bikos

- Ivette  Moscol

- Michal  Chrzanowski