The smart inhaler to better manage asthma

Vision The vision of Breathar is a future in which all patients with breathing conditions are completely in control of their illness and the impact on daily life is reduced tremendously. Mission The mission of Breathar is to make asthma more manageable, give patients more control, and prevent asthma attacks. Objectives With the use of a smart inhaler, Breathar: 1. Ensures correct medication use; 2. Learns to understand the individual patient's condition to prevent the onset of an asthma attack; 3. Allows family or care givers to have insight in the patient's condition; 4. Build a geographic risk map for asthma through aggregated patient data.

Company Active in: digital health / healthcare / breathing conditions / behavioural learning


- Thomas van den Boezem

- Theodor Beutel

- Arindam Ghosh