COLUMBUS is an innovative solution to change the way tourists discover, understand and share unforgettable memories in their travel. The product aims to solve two common problems in the tourism industry:

1-    Tourists have limited Internet access

2-    Tourists do not always understand the description of the local language

COLUMBUS solves the first problem by introducing a mobile application that connects offline with iBeacons spread in all cities worldwide. The iBeacons connects with the mobile phones through a low energy Bluetooth connection. This has the advantage that users can fetch and read information in offline status.

In addition, based on a questionnaire conducted among almost 100 visitors and tourists in Nuremberg we identified the language problem. Many participants said that they prefer to read historical information in their own language to better understand the background and the history. 

In order to develop this product we need to build a worldwide infrastructure. First we will start collaboration with German and Italian municipalities who showed interest in our product. In a later stage we plan to expand in all cities in Europe and hopefully worldwide.

Our business model relies on the fermium model.  The income will be mainly from advertisements, advanced services in addition to the premium plan.  


Christian Drago : Msc. computer engineer - Product manager 
Elias Abud : Msc . software engineer - Software developer 
Hanna Khoury : Msc. software engineer - Software developer 

Martina Ruffino : Msc. international business managment - business development 
Cristina Manna : Msc. automation engineer - Hardware developer 

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