Drone In



● Our aim is to revolutionize the marketing and advertising industry through the u

se of drone advertisement.

● Provide the answer to companies who struggle to reach consumers in new and innovative ways.


● Become the leading provider of drone-based advertising.


Short Term – within 6 months

● Be the first to introduce drone-based advertising.

● Undertake an average of 15 advertising campaigns per month by the end of the first year.

● Increase our fleet of drones and introduce a subscription scheme for our clients

Long Term – after 6 months in business

● Expand to additional cities within the UK and the world.

● Offer a reseller platform based on MLM

10 Year Projection

● Invest in 3D projectors and improve analytics.

● Acquisition of a graphics and laser production company.


● With help from STARTIFY7 we can test our prototype drone and find potential investors.

● With help of investors, business developers, mentors and partners we will be able to build our first two drones without losing time and money.

● We will partner with Kudos Web Design for our graphics design.

● Advertise and pitch our services to local businesses.

● Offer after sales consultation

● After the first 30 clients where signed in the first 6 months we will introduce subscription schemes for businesses.

Value Proposition

● We sell attention

● Use of latest technology to make marketing more interesting.

● Give business an opportunity to be more recognized and attract new customers.


First year revenue –   €69,540.00

First year sales forecast– Based on a price of €570 per day (consisting of 6hours a day.) Selling 122 worth of days of service        

First year costs - € 38,775.84

First year profits - € 27,811.76

Second year profits - € 49,359.99

Third year profits- €148,079.98                

Target Market

● Our customers will be firms of all sizes and structures.

● Initially small to medium businesses willing to try out different advertising methods.

● Firms with a strong brand image. (EA, BMW, TESCO, SKY)

● Conventions/Expos for indoor advertising. (ComicCon, EUROGAMER EXPO, International CES.

● Popular Festivals (Oktoberfest, Tomorrowland, Ultra, Glastonbury)


Milimo Banji – Technology  - MSc Aerospace Engineering – University of Manchester

Rohan Sheth – Business and Finance – BSc Economics – University of Surrey

Andrej Kocevski- Sales and Marketing – MSc Information Management for Business - UCL

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