HAM stands for Home Automation and More

It is an ecosystem of devices and software that gives you the ability to control the electrical devices of your home from anywhere in the world.

Addressing the problem:

  • Big companies invest big amounts of money in R&D leaving the SMEs with outdated technology.
  • Companies always spent time and money in customer's feedback. For them it is really valuable to understand how a customer uses their products.
  • There is no universal platform for smart home devices so you have to buy all products from the few big companies already in the market

Existing solutions:

  • are expensive
  • have specific function depending each case
  • are not reprogrammable
  • are not stand alone
  • no artificial intelligence

Our solution:

  • Fully adaptable device that will be placed inside any electrical device
  • Uses an microcontroller and Wi-Fi technology
  • Low cost
  • PCB designed and populated by us
  • Standard feature for the upcoming years
  • Device usage feedback
  • Machine learning


Panagiotis Pampalos - MSc candidate in electrical and computer engineering

Petros Mytis Gkometh - MSc candidate in electrical and computer engineering

Georgios Chasiltzoglou - MSc candidate in digital marketing and social media