The Problem

  • High machine downtime

  • Poor inventory management

  • High expenses on maintenance and repair




What is iVend?

iVend is an integrated hardware plugin and web platform which can remotely monitor inventory level and vending machine health.


The benefits of iVend:

  •  Reduce operating cost by increasing machine availability

  • Increase sales and improve services by monitoring inventory level

  • Optimal planning by using data analytics​


Who is behind iVend?

Gulshnar Salpykova - Business & Sales

MSc in Telecommunication Engineering, University of Trento 

Stefanija Ushinova - Marketing & Sales

BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of

Son Tran - Electronic Engineer

MSc in Mechatronic, University of Trento

Anis Nouri - Developer

MSc in Computer Science, University of Trento





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