A small view to a big change.

MicroView was made to make the connection between medicine and mobile technology real, in order to transform the widely used mobile devices e.g. smartphones, tablets etc. into diagnostic tools. Moreover, MicroView is a medical application that focuses on the diagnosis of diseases whose causes can be detected in biological fluids such as Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), urine and blood. It offers quicker, user-friendlier and accurate diagnosis at a very low cost. What is more, the app can be used not only by young scientists or experienced professionals, but also by other non-medical staff as for example social workers. Therefore, there is a huge market for our product.

Company Active in: digital health / microview / biological fluids / meningitis / urinary infection


- Vassilios Lagoutis

- George Ntakakis

- Evangelia Balini