Outdoor training

Outdoor training is an experience based learning where people is taken to an outdoor locale, like a place of wilderness, and shown with a sequence of activities which they must surpass as a group or as individuals. Then, engaged parties talk about what they acquired about themselves, other people, and working as a team, and how they can employ what they have acquired back at their place of work.

In this type of learning tool, they are carried out activities that combine competitiveness, teamwork, leadership and communication, all of them always useful in a business environment.

Some benefits of Outdoor training are:

  • Stimulate the confidence and develop the teamwork spirit.
  • Strengthen the leadership and the ability to delegate responsibilities
  • Motivate participants in daily work dilemmas.
  • Encourage the communication and integration between areas and members of the organization.
  • Increase stress resistance.
  • Improve the ingenuity in case of pressure and change situations.
  • Increase confidence between team mates.