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Several problems arise from the very nature of action cameras – they are designed to be placed somewhere on a human body or a vehicle, to enable users have their hands free and enjoy their adventures. With this approach, an action camera is typically configured to constantly capture video or photos, and users turn it on just once, before starting doing sports. However, in these circumstances, action camera users are constantly worried about remaining battery, and are under serious pressure of missing the most exciting moments of their adventures when doing favorite sports. They are also tired of browsing through thousands of pictures or cutting hours of videos into several most exciting scenes. All these problems can be solved if they had a way of controlling an action camera automatically and remotely, without manual contact with the camera itself.

The SensePRO project aims at helping millions of action camera owners, who are facing annoying problems preventing them from enjoying their sports and everyday activities. The idea is simple – action cameras can be controlled through a number of tiny sensors which would trigger video/photo capturing in response to sudden changes in the environment. For example, when rafting, a camera can automatically start shooting video as soon as you enter an exciting part of your route – pre-programmed acceleration and vibration sensors will turn on/off your video footage automatically. We refer to such triggering events as ‘patterns’, which differ from one sports activity to another, and can be detected by multiple tiny sensors. Thanks to technological advances, hardware sensors are already small enough to fit into a small box of a size similar to the existing standard accessories. They are assembled into a small tiny black box which is attached to your favorite action camera's back and can fit into official housings.

There exist several solutions tackling the aforementioned problems. For example, GoPro® cameras can be controlled remotely via WiFi – this, however, again requires manual control, which is not necessarily the case with action sports. On the other hand, a software kit by Magisto can automatically cut and edit video into exciting scenes by performing smart video analysis. Nevertheless, this post-mortem editing cannot help to save draining battery.

SensePRO’s target customers are action camera owners, and primarily GoPro® owners, who constitute more than 40% of the total market (11M camera units out of 25M, with a 22% annual growth rate of the industry). Given this number and the SensePRO’s estimated price of €85 (with 30% profit margin or €26 profit per item), we are projecting a total available market of €935M and a target market of customers with special need for such a product of €140M. Taking the Startify7 Summer Academy on IoT as a starting point where we managed to develop a fully working prototype and validate the pain by engaging with tens of action camera owners, we envisage to develop an actual size working prototype within one month, and prepare and launch a Kickstarter campaign within three months since then. If the campaign is successful, we will be able to order and ship the first 1000 units to customers within six months. Furthermore, we are already discussing the possibilities of partnering with global market players (i.e. GoPro®).


Jaqueline Brinn - Marketing and Customer Relations Specialist

BSc in Media Computer Science, MSc Candidate in Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought) focusing on Digital Media for Society

Experience living in 6 countries,  working experience in ICT Training and Consulting

Rustem Dautov - Software Developer and Data Scientist

MSc in Computer Science, PhD candidate in Computer Science

More than 10 years in IT and Computer Science as a Software Developer, Analyst and Researcher

Participated in more than 10 EU and national projects on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Things

Mario Filchev - Project Manager

BSc in Sports Management, MSc Candidate in Entrepreneurial Engineering

More than 3 years in project management. Participated in 2 successful startups in Denmark

Amit Tyagi - Hardware and Software Developer

BSc in Computer Science, MSc Candidate in Web Science at Leibniz Universität Hannover

Yajian Wang - Marketing Specialist and Designer

BEng, MSc in Renewable Materials at Technology University of Munich.

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