Welcome to STARTIFY7 wiki!

This is the introductory page of the Wiki. All users of the platform are invited to contribute to this knowledge repository. Every time that a new content is added, a new page is created and to contain topic-specific knowledge and the references. Users have also the possibilty to contribute to an existing page from the ones listed in the column in the right.

How does it work: - To create a new topic: Click Create new topic below and enter a new title to your page. Write the content about your topic in the Body area. Save. - To contribute to an existing topic: Click the page you want to contribute to. Once your modifications over, make sure you write in the field Revisions your name and comments about the modifications you made. Save. Whenever you need to refer to another topic in your current page, write reference words as [ [Title of the topic|anchor term] ] in order to link your page with the other topic. In case you need to refer to an unexisting topic, then write reference words as [ [Title of the new topic|anchor term] ] in your current page. Then when after saving your page, click the underligned words that you refered in your page and you will be asked to create a new page for the new topic.
Example: If you need to refer to this welcome page STARTIFY7 Wiki in another page you are creating, then simply write STARTIFY7 Wiki in the following format: [ [STARTIFY7 Wiki|your anchor term] ]. Note that there is no space between the two brackets [ [ and ] ]. Create new topic

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